In many contexts, such as legal removal requests, price comparison, etc., users that view online content in a browser need to switch between a main tool (e.g., a legal removals tool) and other content (e.g., content for which a complaint is received). Such switching imposes a significant burden on the user and can lead to errors. This disclosure describes a browser extension/plug-in that provides an “in-context review” button that, upon selection by a user, opens the URL (e.g., content that is subject of a complaint) in a second browser window that is displayed adjacent to the main window, e.g., that displays the primary application such as a legal removals tool. The user can view content in the second window and can perform actions in the main window simultaneously. The secondary window is closed based on actions in the primary window. For example, after a legal review is complete, the secondary window displaying the content under review is closed. The described techniques can be implemented using browser APIs and these APIs can then be leveraged by the primary web application.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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