Interactive digital displays in a user’s home can be configured to showcase photos, videos, and other content from the user’s personal library. However, display of such content may be unsuitable when strangers visit the home. This disclosure describes techniques to detect the likely presence of a stranger and/or a known individual within a home and to configure smart devices accordingly to restrict display of personal information, and to generate and show content relevant to the known person. The techniques can provide a customized content consumption experience that is aware of the user’s context. The selected content can be displayed via a digital display or playback device such as a smart display, smart speaker, or other devices within the home. The described techniques preserve the convenience of personalized device configurations within a home, and enhance the experience of shared media viewing, while preserving user privacy when strangers visit. The techniques can be implemented within a smart home ecosystem and can be configured/ controlled via a smart home management application.

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Creative Commons License
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