The present disclosure relates to optical communication and particularly to sheathed optical passive devices for shielding and parasitic mode absorption. The present disclosure includes a new design and fabrication method to generate passive optical waveguides and devices encompassing a better control on parasitic effects, including (1) lateral absorbers which are designed at specific regions from the waveguide edge so that no interaction occurs with the signal, while suppressing parasitic modes, (2) metal vias and plates connected to Si slabs so that a thermomechanical protective shield is fabricated around passive optical devices, and (3) design and fabrication methods which are compatible with the implementation of sheathed devices for a big fraction of the circuit. This includes parasitic mode absorption implementation applied to the entire optical integrated circuit as opposed to discrete components. Advantageously, the present disclosure improves the optical loss budget for photonic integrated circuits (PICs), provides a reduction of variability due to better control of optical power, provides improvements in Si-based known good dies (KGD) and package level yield.


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Creative Commons License
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