Altanai Bisht


Techniques are presented herein that support a novel tunnel weight algorithm that not only unlocks the capabilities of a multi-uplink feature on a virtual private network (VPN) peer, enabling the simultaneous use of many active tunnels, but also provides an innovative way to dynamically balance data traffic across those tunnels to provide the best possible VPN performance to a user and minimize downtime caused by non-performing tunnels. The techniques leverage existing probe signals to develop a real-time performance assessment of available tunnels and produce an actionable value called a tunnel weight which may be employed to load balance data traffic across those tunnels. Aspects of the techniques are adaptive and dynamic, maintain the stateless nature of a VPN headend, are resistant to noise in a measurement (arising from bursty traffic or other fluctuations), are independent of network utilization and usage history, reach eventual consistency, and are customizable.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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