The present disclosure relates to a method and a system for facilitating a consumer to initiate a secure, high-value payment transfer. The present disclosure suggests sending, by a payment initiator, an inquiry about a payment receiver account along with the payment receiver’s details to a payment network via an originating financial institution. Thereafter, the payment network validates the payment receiver details and provides a validation code using the payment data to uniquely identify the transaction. Subsequently, the payment network confirms the validity of the payment receiver details to the payment initiator via the originating financial institution and requests confirmation from the payment initiator to continue with a money transfer. Based on the confirmation, the money transfer request, including the validation code and a Transaction ID (Tran ID), is sent from the payment initiator via the originating financial institution to the payment network. The payment network re-validates both the validation code as well as the Tran ID before sending the money transfer request to a receiving financial institution. Upon receiving the money transfer request, the receiving financial institution completes the request and sends the response back to the originating financial institution. Subsequently, the payment recipient receives the fund from the recipient financial institution. As a result, the payment initiator may transfer an adequate amount of money to the payment receiver account without having to physically visit a bank branch.

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Creative Commons License
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