This disclosure describes a cardcage that can be ejected without the use of a tool and injected into a bay of a data-center tray. The cardcage can be opened without the use of a tool and provides ample access to equipment (such as a GPU) that it houses. Within the cage, a card electromechanical (CEM) bracket retention bar is released with captive screws, reducing the number of fasteners and operator movements to access a GPU while providing sufficient retention against shock and vibration. Ergonomic ejector buttons on the retention bar assembly enable an operator to gain mechanical advantage over the GPU PCIe connector mating force. The described modular cardcage can accept a wide variety of printed circuit board assembly (PCBAs), e.g., input-output modules, GPU modules, power-supply modules, network interface cards, etc. Many CEM-compliant cards can be installed into the cardcage. In other examples, the cardcage can be adapted to receive components related to other form factors, such as PCIe form factors or other interconnect standards. The described cardcage increases serviceability, reduces downtime, and increases the efficiency of operations.

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Creative Commons License
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