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In-store shopping can involve lengthy wait times due to long checkout lines. While self-checkout counters can be useful, these require customers to manually scan items they want to purchase. This disclosure describes the use of ultrawideband trilateration to automate identification of items that a customer intends to purchase. A store performs a calibration exercise to map physical spaces (e.g., aisles and shelves) to different items for sale. A customer carrying an ultrawideband-capable device can initiate purchase by suitable action, e.g., via a UI element on their device. Ultrawideband trilateration is performed to determine the location of the customer device and map it to the particular item. In this manner, item identification can be performed anywhere in the store and is not limited to the checkout counter. The identified items are added to the customer’s list. The customer can make a payment via their device or at a checkout counter. Checkout times are reduced since manual scanning is eliminated.

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Creative Commons License
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