When a smart home device does not work as expected, the device vendor has to investigate many interacting parts in the ecosystem in order to determine a root cause for the issue. With a high number of interacting parts involved in debugging, the debugging process can be time-consuming and tedious. This disclosure describes a visual debugger that is optimized for IoT ecosystems. The visual debugger unifies logs generated by IoT devices to display the evolution of device states with time. Network requests and responses are indicated visually by clickable arrows indicating the directions of network traffic. An event on a device that triggers a cascade of actions on other devices is displayed using an action path that indicates the movement of the action through the network. A log file framework enables components of the IoT network originating from different manufacturers to be analyzed and displayed in a systematic and unified manner. IoT network developers and third-party device vendors can efficiently triage bugs, determine the root causes of failures, and improve performance and interoperability.

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Creative Commons License
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