Viewing notifications on a smartphone or other device either requires the user to unlock their device or allow notification delivery on the device lock screen. Delivery of notifications on the lock screen, while convenient, can potentially leak user information. However, biometric (face, fingerprint, etc.) or password/pattern based authentication can be cumbersome and/or unavailable in many situations. This disclosure describes the use of a user’s grip style to semi-unlock an electronic device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. without compromising privacy. Unlike biometric authentication (fingerprint, face, etc.), grip data alone does not contain sufficient personal characteristics to authenticate a user. Per techniques of this disclosure, to authenticate the user via grip, the user is instructed to perform a simple stimulated gesture. The sequential grip dynamics during the time the user performs the gesture are observed. For example, the gesture can be grasping the body of the device. Upon successful grip authentication, low confidentiality notifications can be displayed, or features such as a virtual assistant be made available to the user.

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Creative Commons License
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