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Custom media streaming devices such as streaming sticks that plug into HDMI ports of a television set, set-top box devices, etc. enable users to view online media content on their television set. This disclosure describes tablets that can switch the operating mode or profile from tablet to streaming device (or large screen display) category when the tablet is connected to a television set or other screen via a video dock or cable. The tablet user interface is switched to an interface suitable for large screen displays and can be controlled via remote control by a user without the need to be holding the tablet. The tablet screen is dimmed or switched off. The change in profile enables the tablet to be used as a streaming device that supports high resolution video as well as spatial audio or other high-end audio/video formats. This configuration can take advantage of the advanced hardware capabilities of the tablet to support generative AI, video calling, high resolution video streaming, etc. and to utilize advanced connectivity features of the tablet.

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Creative Commons License
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