Lightguides are used in augmented reality (AR) devices to redirect light to the user's eye. Lightguides are manufactured by singulating dense glass wafers into a large, flat, and thin component that spans the entire clear aperture of the lens. Such lightguides have relatively little protection under a drop or shock load. This disclosure describes a design for AR eyewear in which the fragile component of AR eyewear is protected through two separate layers of isolation from the global deformation and strain experienced under a drop test. A rigid carrier within the outer frame acts as a first layer of isolation for the lightguide and can absorb significant energy. The lightguide is mounted without physical contact between the lightguide and carrier with a well-controlled nominal gap that is filled with an isolation adhesive. The isolation adhesive prevents a hard collision between the lightguide and the carrier during impact or dynamic loading conditions generated by drops.

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Creative Commons License
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