Recognition technology is gaining significant momentum in terms of deployment, lately due to the advent of 5G and its industry friendly features like speed, higher bandwidth, dynamic QoS and Ultra-Reliable & Low Latency Communication. Many new uses cases are getting introduced like identifying criminals on public places, attendance, automatic access control based on identity, automatic surveillance, face mask detection, contactless biometrics, etc.

The below solution will position company as solution provider in recognition and biometric solution over 5G. Solution is not limited to a vertical industry but applicable to almost all the industries and can take care of umpteen use cases. There are not many companies providing such end-to-end solutions over 5G.

5G recognition solution supports existing and opens new business opportunities for companies to sell not only in public domain but also to enterprises, there is lot of interest in the field to have such a solution which collectively comprises of 5G and recognition technology, according to various reports the market for such solution is expected to go grow $50B by 2028.

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