Some applications such as digital maps support offline use, including download of certain types of data, e.g., map data of a region for navigation. However, the downloaded information does not include user-generated content (UGC), reviews, external feeds, problem reports, geo-tagged news, etc. Such content can include timely and topical information which is unavailable to users if their device is offline. This disclosure describes techniques to make curated UGC and third-party feeds of specific types available when a device is offline. UGC is curated by topic and location using a multimodal large language model or other suitable technique. With user permission, a map annotated with recent, relevant UGC is downloaded or pushed to a mobile app on the user device prior to the loss of wireless connectivity. Summarized UGC content is provided to enable offline operation. Key pieces of information that can enhance safety and improve user experience are thus made available even in the absence of a network. The described techniques can also be of value to users on low-bandwidth networks or in remote areas.

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Creative Commons License
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