The present disclosure relates to a system and method of providing enhanced loyalty NFT engagement solution using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and web3 technologies. The enhanced loyalty NFT engagement solution is provided by integrating a real-time transaction tracking system (offers platform) with a loyalty engagement solution to immediately engage users who make specific transactions. The method includes registering a user with a loyalty NFT engagement solution via a merchant program enabled with web3 mobile application. The user is registered using the user’s email address. Further, the user may opt-in to enroll the user’s payment cards with the loyalty NFT engagement solution. Upon enrolling the user’s payment cards, the user may receive campaigns and offers via the merchant program. When the user makes the specific transactions, the enhanced loyalty engagement solution may reward the user. The rewards may include rewards such as gift with purchase, digital mementos or receipts or follow-up offers or games.

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Creative Commons License
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