During normal usage, consumer devices may remain switched on without a shutdown and restart for long durations of time. A lengthy period of time since the last restart can lead to high usage of device resources such as CPU, memory, storage, etc. Program performance issues as well as errors caused by these are hard to detect using clean functional test environments. This disclosure describes techniques to emulate end-user scenarios as lengthy times since last restart and high resource utilization by providing the developer with the ability to easily configure the usage of the CPU, memory, and storage of a device-under-test (DUT) via a device resources management tool. The device resources management tool is implemented such that it can invoke low level operating system APIs to occupy a specified percentage of resources such as CPU, memory, storage, etc. The extent to which each device resource is occupied can be set in an independent or combined manner. The device resources management tool enables developers to emulate various real world resource utilization scenarios and can help identify bugs that are otherwise rare and/or difficult to reproduce.

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Creative Commons License
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