The present disclosure relates to a method and system for providing an efficient and simpler OAuth for delegated access in a secure way. The method comprises receiving, by a payment gateway (PG) 105, a request comprising a payload and an indication of authorization for processing transactions on behalf of a merchant associated with the merchant device 101. The method comprises transmitting, by the PG 105, an acknowledgment request to registered contact details of the merchant device 101. The acknowledgement request may comprise a request to approve or grant authorization to the PPP 103 for processing the transactions on behalf of the merchant. The contact details may comprise at least one of: a mobile phone number or email address of the merchant. The method comprises receiving a confirmation to authorize the PPP 103 in response to the acknowledgement request. Post confirmation, method may comprise transmitting an encryption key to the PPP 103 to process the transactions on behalf of the merchant.

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Creative Commons License
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