Poor wireless network conditions limit the ability of security cameras and other devices to upload media. Consequently, viewers may not be able to watch video streams in a timely manner. On the other hand, even successfully uploaded media available for viewing is sometimes found to not be of interest to the user. This disclosure describes techniques to determine media segments (e.g., live video captured by a camera) likely of greatest interest to viewers and prioritize the uploading of those segments. The criteria for uploading or storing media under poor network conditions are selected to optimize the user experience on a best-effort basis. When network connectivity is limited, uploaded segments (and the order of uploading) match the current interests of the users. When device storage is full, segments to be discarded (and the order of discarding) are of least interest to the user. The described techniques of prioritized media upload and retry/discard strategies optimize user experience under poor network conditions such as frequent network outage, low available bandwidth, unstable network connection, etc.

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Creative Commons License
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