This disclosure describes a modular, reconfigurable, data-center tray capable of holding a wide range of payloads. The tray includes a subframe that attaches to a main base frame (chassis) that serves as a universal primary platform. The subframe can be swapped out with any new subframe as long as the new subframe utilizes at least some of the interfaces in the primary frame. The subframe includes bays capable of hosting modules of varying functionality, e.g., input-output modules, GPU modules, power-supply modules, etc. The described tray enables the simultaneous development of multiple products for different use cases. The tray can be reconfigured quickly. It can be extended with a larger subframe to fit deep-rack applications and to accommodate additional hardware such as CPUs, PCBAs, active cooling, etc. The tray improves operator ergonomics and safety, and produces economies of scale.

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Creative Commons License
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