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The invention disclosures a method of combo hood (the induction cooking hob integrated with down suction hood) inner cavity and filters drying after the cooking process for the scope to enable the air cleaning filters (grease and odors) regeneration for the next cooking cycle, without reduced filtering performances.

In particular, since that dry airflow prevents the molds and yeasts generation and growth, the concept predicts to ventilate and dry the appliance cavity, a built-in furniture, and a backwall close to appliance installation, for some time after cooking process ended, since that the same became wet through the cooking phase, when the appliance is installed without an exhausting piping system.

Accordingly, in order to reduce the condensed water load within the appliance cavity space itself and there installed air filtering elements (the odor filter in particular) the method comprises the use of combination an intensive (a “booster”) short duration room temperature airflow followed by one low intensive and long duration (a “breeze”) airflow, a both characterized by low humidity level, enable an effective post-cooking drying of the appliance cavity, filters, as well as the appropriate built-in furniture and noted backwall structure.

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