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Capturing videos in 360 degrees currently requires use of a standalone 360-degree camera. Playback of such videos in 360 degrees requires a separate head-mounted device (HMD). In many 360-degree videos, the person controlling the camera is unintentionally visible, distracting the viewer. This disclosure describes techniques to overcome these barriers by equipping HMDs with the capability to capture 360-degree video cameras via multiple cameras positioned on the front, sides, and back of the HMD. Multiple, aligned videos are obtained by capturing images from the various cameras in the form of a video stream and aligned to provide a 360-degree video. Unintentionally captured body parts can be removed digitally from the captured 360-degree videos to create a more precise point-of-view video. The HMD with integrated cameras can act as a capture and viewing device.

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Creative Commons License
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