The present disclosure relates to a method for splitting and authorizing payments online using tokens. The present disclosure demonstrates how a token based on card or payment account reference of a cardholder can be used to trigger payments from multiple accounts to split the total transaction cost based on a set of pre-determined rules. The method allows users to link multiple payment accounts to a single lead token, which in turn can be used to make payments from said accounts according to a set of rules. Generating a single lead token, allows this payment splitting method to be used at an existing card-based point of sale without the need for multi-party ecosystem enablement. The method can also enable dual/ multiple authorizations of a payment based on the lead token, for example a payment card, by requesting further authorization from another party. The method works by mapping the generated token, rules, and the payment account, for example a Primary Account Number (PAN) together in a lookup fashion to be read and processed by an authorization system. Based on the rules associated with the tokens, the authorization system initiates separate transactions and approves them or seeks further authorisation for a transaction. Initiating a single token payment, matching the format, and processing requirements of existing payment methods, triggering additional authorizations compliant with existing payment methods to receive appropriate authorizations from multiple accounts and then returning a single authorisation response tied to a single reference for the transaction, allows instant operability of the solution without the need for multi-party ecosystem enablement.

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Creative Commons License
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