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The present disclosure relates to a method and device for linking digital payment card with a SIM card. Initially, a user 101 may request an issuer bank for issuing a payment card. Further, the user may receive a digital payment card from the issuer bank 103. The issuer bank 103 may transmit the digital payment card to the user only upon successful authorization of the user. Thereafter, the user may register the digital payment card with the existing SIM card 105 of the user’s mobile device 109 using an application installed within the user device associated with the user 101. During registration, the user may provide one or more credentials of the payment card and link the digital payment card with the SIM card. Moreover, the SIM card 105 stores one or more credentials of the digital payment card. Finally, the user may perform a transaction using the user device in which the SIM card may transmit the credentials to the POS device using a NFC technology for performing fund transfer between the user and a merchant.

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Creative Commons License
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