The present disclosure is related to a global Automated Teller Machine (ATM) locator and a method thereof. The method includes receiving, by a global ATM locator, a request message from an electronic device of a user for details related to a nearest ATM. The global ATM locator initiates an API call to a payment network provider associated with the global network provider to fetch the information related to the nearest ATM for the user, as per the information given in the request message and current location of the user. Thereafter, the global ATM locator receives the requested details related to the nearest ATM such as balance amount, denominations of the balance amount, location of the ATM, wheelchair accessibility at the ATM, depositing capability at the ATM, access fee of the ATM and the like. The received information is provided to the user such that can make an informed decision about which ATM to visit for performing desired financial operations. Further, the present disclosure enables the user to query a global ATM locator to receive information related to not just the nearest ATM, but also other details such as balance amount in the ATM, working status of the ATM, wheelchair accessibility at the ATM, depositing capability at the ATM, Access fee/transaction fee of the ATM, and the like without the need to physically visit the ATM center. Therefore, the present disclosure enhances user experience, eliminates the time and resources involved in the tedious process of searching for an ATM center for performing certain financial operations, and also reduces delays in the financial operations that can be performed through the ATM.

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Creative Commons License
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