This disclosure describes techniques to enable utilization of UV-activated bonding in a variety of devices and scenarios. The techniques can be utilized even in geometries where line of sight between an external UV radiation source and a bonding site is unavailable. Photoluminescent materials are added to the photoresist, UV-activated adhesive, stamp, etc., and are activated by utilizing incident X-ray beams. The specific photoluminescent material is selected based on the wavelength required by the curing process. The photoluminescent materials absorb the X-ray radiation and emit UV radiation that in turn activates the curing process. X-ray radiation can pass through a variety of materials and do not require a direct line of sight from their source to the bonding site in order to activate the photoluminescent material. Photoluminescent material is mixed with the UV-activated adhesive prior to its application at the bonding sites or is applied directly.

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Creative Commons License
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