The infotainment system (e.g., infotainment system) of a vehicle (e.g., an automobile, a motorcycle, a bus, a recreational vehicle (RV), a semi-trailer truck, a tractor or other type of farm equipment, train, a plane, a boat, a helicopter, a personal transport vehicle, etc.) may execute an application (e.g., a media application, a messaging application, a navigation application, etc.) originally developed for a different type of computing device, such as a smartphone, a tablet, a smartwatch, etc. To run the application, the infotainment system may load the files of the application into an emulator module (e.g., a virtual environment simulating the computing device for which the application was originally designed). The infotainment system may modify display values and other parameters within the emulator module to match the form factor and specifications of a display in the vehicle. In this way, the techniques may offer seamless integration as well as an expanded application ecosystem, significantly improving the user experience.

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Creative Commons License
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