Qiujun Zhao
Shujun Han


Online video conferences are often used to facilitate interaction among multiple participants for an online meeting, discussion, etc. In some instances, it can be useful to protect video and/or content (video/content) shared during an online video conference such that use/reproduction of such video/content may be allowed only with permission. Presented herein are techniques that provide for recognizing participants of an online video conference using biometric recognition techniques (e.g., face, voiceprint, gait, etc.) and embedding identifying information (e.g., email addresses, usernames, etc.) for one or more of the participants into the video and/or content (video/content) of the online video conference via one or more embedded watermarks, which may help to protect video/content generated for an online video conference. In some instances, an embedded watermark may be provided only when a video endpoint/desktop client detects that a participant is taking a photo or video using a handheld device (e.g., cell phone, camera, etc.).

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Creative Commons License
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