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This publication describes an energy savvy method to warm-up the curing module of a printer to minimize any energy waste while keeping the least possible total print time. There are printers that require heat and vapor removal to cure the ink on a printed substrate. Our printers using Latex inks are an example. These printers need to warm-up the curing module to reach the desired target temperature on a given substrate before print can start. There are usually other preparatory activities before printing begins, such as servicing the printheads for optimal performance. The time required to service the printheads is not known in advance because it depends on the condition and life of the printheads. The proposal describes the method of sorting out all the pre-print activities so that the curing module warm-up starts the latest possible, without adding any delay to the print start, thus eliminating all waste of energy that would have been incurred if heating too early before the printhead service finishes. In addition to energy saving, there are other benefits described below.

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Creative Commons License
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