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More and more people use notebook for their work or play game that also mean user must spent a lot of time to use keyboard and typing. We also know that will increase wrist loading and cause some damages. There are many additional protective products on the market. As like add stand to raise the system angle that can allows users to more comfortable during the typing, as fig.1. or increase rubber feet height of the rear side, but each degree of increase needs to be raised a lot. For example, 200mm system length every degree of increase needs to raise 3.49mm. 200 sin (1) = 3.49. But rubber feet height can’t increase too much because that will impact ID, as fig.2.So, we can’t always take the stand because it is too big and heavy and increase rubber feet to much because that will impact ID. How to avoid these problem and easy to change system typing angle that is my idea. My idea is separate palm rest area from C-deck, I would like to create adjustable palm rest design. If we can change palm rest angle that can change typing angle and achieve the user’s comfortable typing angle. I can keep original appearance and don’t need extra stand.

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