The invention makes the Datacenter intelligent and scalable in case of “Firmware and System Software updates”.

Datacenter ecosystem generally consists of following major components

  • Datacenter Products (Servers, Storage and Network devices)

  • Central Management System (Manages the lifecycle of Datacenter Products).

  • Administrators (Humans maintaining the datacenter)

    The innovation introduces a new way to do Firmware and System software upgrade and fresh installation on Datacenter Products. This is achieved with two newly introduced software:

  • Smart Update Module

  • The Store

    Smart Update Module:

    The Smart Update Module is intelligent software running on a Management Processor. Management processor is small integrated chip inside each Datacenter Product dedicated for managing the lifecycle of each individual Product.

    Capabilities of the Smart Update Module:

  • Collects the inventory of Firmware and System software of the host Datacenter product.

  • Compares the collected inventory with the Store to check if there are any latest Firmware and System software available for upgrade or fresh installation.

  • Sends alerts to Central Management System (Manager) to notify the Administrator to plan for upgrade.

  • Finally based on Administrator’s planned maintenance window, downloads the Firmware and System Software and upgrades the product. The product can be a Server, Storage and Network devices.

    The Store:

    The Store is cloud platform which provides Firmware and System Software over the internet.

    Capabilities of the Store:

  • The Store contains a huge collection of Firmware and System software required for each Datacenter Product to be usable.

  • The Store always maintains the latest available collection of Firmware and System Software to facilitate upgrades of existing firmware and System software.

  • The Store allows the Smart Update Module to connect and compare its inventory of Firmware and System software against the latest available in the Store.

  • The Store allows the Smart Update Module to pull latest Firmware and System Software for upgrade or fresh installation in case of newly added Datacenter Products.

    Together with the Smart Update Module and the Store, the entire Firmware and System software upgrade and fresh installation can be made scalable, with increased performance, lightweight Central Management System (Manager) and the entire process is automated.

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