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Self-healing algorithm for ZIM data corruption issue is a solution to self-heal the printer from carriage mounted spot sensor i.e. ZIM related non-volatile memory(NVM) corruption issues and enhancement to current robustness/accuracy of various ZIM sensor functions, to enable heal/recover from data accuracy related issues caused by hardware issue both intermittent and permanent, signal quality issues, external noise e.g. EMC(electromagnetic compatibility), power rails related issues, dirty power cycle/power surge etc. This paper proposed a solution that prevent corruption and self-heal the affected portion(s) of the NVM data, while enhancing the current printer accuracy under different hardware related failure/detection issues e.g. top of form(TOF) sensor etc related failure or EMC(electromagnetic compatibility) related issues when the printer is near a radiating source like bad mobile phone etc. This framework solution tackle different categories of data and validate its accuracy.

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Creative Commons License
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