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In some communication systems, notifications or other indications can be displayed to indicate whether received messages have been read by a user. In some cases, a read / unread status of a message, and display of this status, is inaccurate when that message has been received out of order, due to use of conversation timestamps by the system. This document describes techniques to accurately detect read and unread status for messages and to provide displayed indications of the status on all of a user's devices. This is achieved by storing an observed flag associated with each message that indicates the read/unread status of the associated message. Once it is detected that the user has read a message, the observed flag of that message is changed accordingly. Further, the state of the observed flag is sent to other client devices of the user to indicate that the user has read the message. The other client devices update the status of the message in local storage, and automatically update the display of indications or notifications that indicate the status of the message.

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Creative Commons License
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