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A discrete MOSFET is usually placed at the input of the electrical based system (notebook, desktop, All in One PC…) and the MOSFET is designed to control inrush current and protecting power source/load during fault occurs. As the MOSFET is used as a pass element and is under an extremely stressful condition (especially from OFF state to ON state) so the major challenge to designer is how to ensure MOSFET is always operate within SoA (Safe Operating Area) without risk to damage under all possible conditions.

The invention proposes a system and method to manage MOSFET electrical stress. It proposes recognize MOSFET SoA Profile via MOSFET Id, once EC understand MOSFET SoA Profile then EC can control MOSFET gate driving voltage/current to ensure MOSFET Vds (Delta Voltage of Drain to Source Terminals) times Ids (the pass current from Drain to Source Terminals) within known SoA Profile to achieve a reliable MOSFET electrical stress control system.

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