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In some printers, during the start-up the IDS (Ink Delivery System) is purged by using a gas purger (instead of a printhead), fluidically connected to the fluid interconnect on the carriage, which allows to evacuate air or any other gas that may be present in the IDS. Typically, the gas in the IDS is purged through the gas purger in response to a fluid being pumped into the IDS by activating an ink pump. On some occasions, the ink pump is not able to self-prime, and it is required to manually self-priming the ink pump by using, for instance, a syringe connected to the fluid interconnect in the carriage. This process has a negative impact on the customer perspective respects the robustness of the printer. Typically, Recirculable Ink Delivery Systems includes a second ink pump, called Recirculable pump to allow the ink recirculation through the printheads. This invention describes a process to prime the Main pump using the Recirculable pump. During the start-up of the IDS, the main ink pump (P1) is turned on to evacuate the air or any other gas that may be present in the IDS, filling the tubes with ink from the cartridge.

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