In a metaverse, the online digital manifestation of a user is commonly referred to as a digital citizen. Such a digital citizen is most often represented by an avatar and its associated metadata. Currently, a digital citizen is isolated to their own metaverse and a new avatar and/or metadata must be created when the digital citizen wishes to enter a new metaverse. Techniques are presented herein that support a checkpoint for digital citizens that are traveling from one metaverse to another and that serve as a verification system on a centralized or distributed server. The presented passport immigration control framework allows digital citizens to travel to other metaverses outside their metaverse of origin, while protecting the rights of users as digital citizens. Such controls establish and strengthen mechanisms to monitor the impact of future liabilities, legislative enactments, and user accountability. The presented framework also provides guidelines for the best standards that entities may take while assessing identity and tracking for a digital citizen. Use of the presented techniques can safeguard protections for digital citizens in a metaverse and encourage an entity’s customers to invest in business and benefit by adopting the presented framework.

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Creative Commons License
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