Mass shootings have, tragically, been on the rise in recent years and, heartbreakingly, those incidents can and do take place on school grounds. Techniques are presented herein that support a Safety Patrol facility that accelerates emergency services response times and equips first responders with the critical information that is required to act quickly in an emergency situation. According to the presented techniques, after an emergency event (such as a gunshot, a fire alarm, etc.) is detected, a network may react to the notification of that event by automatically creating a new Wi-Fi service set identifier (SSID) named FirstResponders and generating a splash page for first responder login. After successfully logging in, the presented techniques provide an overview of a facility (through floor plan maps) and identify the locations of video cameras which may be selected to receive live video feeds. Additionally, according to the presented techniques detected events may be displayed on a floor plan along with timestamps to provide historical situational awareness and equip first responders with not just information regarding what occurred where, but also access to the live feeds depicting what is currently happening.

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Creative Commons License
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