The host of an online meeting may frequently wonder if the meeting attendees understand the message that they are trying to deliver. Additionally, an attendee of an online meeting may be confused by the content of a meeting or a webinar and need clarification. Techniques are presented herein that support a real-time, intelligent, content-based automatic question generator that enhances meeting engagement and productivity. The presented techniques can perform all of the capabilities of the current question generator tools but, most importantly, they can also automatically generate and rank relevant questions during a meeting based on the content of that meeting. After receiving the results of their auto-generated quiz or poll, a host may check the attendees’ understanding during a meeting and reiterate previous content if necessary. After a meeting ends, an automated message (including the generated quiz or poll questions, along with the correct answers) may be sent to all of the meeting attendees while a host may receive the meeting’s statistics (so that they can pinpoint the key areas they need to emphasize in future meetings).

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Creative Commons License
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