Business processes are organized as workflows consisting of multiple steps, with each step performed by machines or humans. A workflow can be represented as a graph in which the nodes correspond to the individual steps. Each node can be linked to the nodes for all potential steps that may follow based on the outcome of the step at that node. Different instances of a particular workflow can vary in terms of the path of steps followed within the graph from the start to the end of the process. This disclosure describes a heuristics-based framework that enables an agent to create and maintain rules to automate bulk application of specific actions for subsequent workflow instances within a multi-step workflow. The framework can save time and effort over performing each step separately as an independent instance of the workflow. The rules can include selection criteria to determine whether an automated action can be performed and specify the action to be taken. A review screen can enable inspection of samples that match a rule and make adjustments to the rule for accuracy.

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Creative Commons License
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