Most of a network equipment vendor’s customers in the service provider segment, the media space, and the entertainment industry make use of a network to transport video and audio signals as multicast flows. Such flows include uncompressed video transport or compressed videos, which are Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) atop User Datagram Protocol (UDP) flows on a network. In such networks, when there is an incidence of packet loss operators find it impossible to determine where in the network the loss is happening as at times the flows traverse geographies and cross service providers. Techniques are presented herein that support a novel way of visualizing streams in network address translation (NAT)ed flows and tenant-routed multicast (TRM) TRM environments. The presented techniques support, among other things, end-to-end RTP flow tracing, the identification of traffic drops and duplication, and out-of-sequence categorization, all of which are immensely useful when debugging traffic in a hybrid setup comprising cloud and on-premise environments.

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Creative Commons License
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