A multi-cloud Software Defined Network (SDN) controller proactively learns insights about subscribers, such as enterprise users, end users, and/or other cloud providers. Based on the learned insights, the multi-SDN controller applies dynamic policies on other cloud provides to which those subscribers are attached to. The multi-cloud SDN controller co-ordinates with various cloud providers, enterprise network controllers, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to proactively notify other cloud providers with information about affected users so that those providers can install additional resources at cloud edge/core on the fly. Additionally, the multi-cloud SDN controller facilitates a warm hand off from one cloud region to another cloud region. When the multi-cloud SDN controller learns about an enterprise outage, it proactively notifies other cloud providers of the outage event and the other cloud providers can use this for a warm hand off of session to the region(s) through which the users will be reconnected. The likely regions are derived based on telemetry obtained from multi-cloud SDN controller. The multi-cloud SDN controller also triggers a proactive cleanup of user context of the cloud provider side. The cloud provider cleans up after the connection reset event based on information from the multi-cloud SDN controller, rather than wait on a timeout of the connection.

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Creative Commons License
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