A waveguide display test system. The system includes a plurality of projectors, a mounting assembly, and a camera. The mounting assembly is covered to hold a waveguide under test. In an image quality configuration a single projector is used with an optical relay that provides a standoff distanced between a virtual pupil and the single projector, and the virtual pupil is located at a walk off distance from the waveguide. In an modulation transfer function (MTF) tester configuration, the single projector is replaced with a plurality of projectors. And each of the plurality of projectors includes a respective relay system that is configured to place a virtual pupil of the projector at an input to the waveguide while having at least a threshold standoff distance between the plurality of projectors and the waveguide. Regardless of configuration, light (e.g., test pattern) from one or more projectors are incoupled to the waveguide, light propagates through the waveguide and is outcoupled to the camera. Images captured by the camera are analyzed to characterize optical properties of the waveguide.

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Creative Commons License
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