The present invention provides a system and method for automatically identifying, assigning, aggregating and generating a bill for a customer using a unique identifier, where the unique identifier is a primary account number (PAN). The present system obtains the payment credentials through a payment device from the customer before placing the order or while ‘paying’ for the order and instead of immediately processing a standard payment, the system generates a hash value by performing a hash algorithm. The generated hash value is stored and or matched to the customer. The merchant or ePOS then assigns the order details to the corresponding hash value/ customer. When the customer wishes to pay for the bill, the payment device reads the payment credentials of the cardholder once again to generate a hash value and compares the generated hash value with the previously stored hash values. If the hash values are matched, the order details corresponding to that hash value are obtained and generates the single automatically reconciled bill payment. In an non limiting aspect, the system, upon receiving the PAN, may call an external server/database to receive additional data based on the PAN such as: the Personal Account reference (PAR) number or Cardholder name, etc.

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Creative Commons License
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