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Sometimes users in chat services post links to documents or wiki pages. These links may direct to a source that members of the chat team are authorized to access, but that the chat service is not, itself, authorized to access. Therefore, the chat service may not be able to load the shared document or web page in order to obtain a readable title for displaying in place of a potentially cryptic link URL. As a result, many links posted to a chat team may be displayed as mere URLs, which are difficult to distinguishable from each other. Even worse, some services may cut off the tail of long links such that only the beginning of the link text is visible. Since different links to different pages of the same domain often start with the same text identifying the domain, these different links are easily confused.

This problem could be addressed by: (1) determining situations where a suitable title for a link cannot be derived by accessing the Internet resource associated with the link URL, (2) obtaining meaningful and sufficiently descriptive metadata, such as a title and description, for the link, and/or performing an analysis of the communication content in the context surrounding the message containing the link in order to derive a title that properly reflects and indicates the content of the link.

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