Digital money transfers via payment platforms require that the sender and recipient of the money transfer both be users of the same platform. However, to access payment platform features, users need to install and configure an application on a user device, which some users may be unable or unwilling to do. This disclosure describes a lightweight solution for recipients not yet registered on a payment platform that provides a quick way to get onboarded and verified on the platform, link financial accounts, and receive incoming money transfers. Users who are onboarded via the lightweight solution can at a later time choose to upgrade their experience by downloading the full-featured payment application. At the time of upgrade, recipient information already obtained for the lightweight solution is automatically transferred to the full-featured application, thus reducing configuration effort for the user. The upgrade can enable additional features such as sending money. The described techniques can reduce friction and barriers to the use of the digital payment platform and provide a lightweight mechanism for newly onboarded users to experience the digital platform.

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Creative Commons License
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