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Radiation therapy immobilization devices are personalized medical devices used to accurately position a patient on a table while receiving treatments. Traditional thermoplastic masks are hand-shaped onto the patient's face by skilled technicians. The result is a cold, sterile tool reminiscent of a hockey mask from a horror movie—not exactly a source of calm during a traumatic procedure. 3D printers enable detailed color textures to be applied to the surfaces of custom-made RTIs. This idea proposes using 3D printing to imbue masks with positive personal effects. Family photos and hand-written messages can be digitally submitted from friends and relatives around the world. These can be printed on the inside and outside of the mask, bringing a warm touch to an otherwise cold and lonely experience. Younger patients may prefer to have an inspirational costume printed on the mask, making them feel like a super-hero. This technology allows them to see whatever imagery makes them feel most comfortable and confident in their personal fight against cancer.

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Creative Commons License
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