Uday Kiran Bokam


In a 5G mobile network, the network functions (NFs) register to a specific network repository function (NRF) in order to facilitate NF discovery functionality. In a large-scale network, NFs can be segregated by different parameters, such as region, location, market, etc., which can be based on required and estimated network capacity. For instances such as disaster management in a large scale network which has multiple regions / markets involving any one NF in a given region, it is desirable to divert traffic for the NF to a neighbor market/region in which NFs are being handled by different NRFs. However, NRFs typically do not sync their data due to potentially overloading or more larger number NF entries in their database. Thus, NFs would need to reregister with different NRFs to accommodate such NF disaster scenarios or potential traffic divertion to neighbouring NF by manual interventionPresented herein are techniques to provide dual registration capabilities for network functions of a mobile network. In the case of disaster handling, such techniques may allow network functions to utilize various options to discover other network functions in a network without involving operator configuration changes.

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Creative Commons License
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