The present disclosure includes a system that is managed by a BNPL advisor which allows for BNPL providers to make an intelligent decision when approving loans requested by cardholder. The BNPL advisor consolidates borrowing and repayment behavior onto a database of every card holder from different BNPL providers. This proprietary database would update the borrowed amount & returned amount through installments through an asynchronous connection to each BNPL provider – updating the entry whenever a repayment or borrowing is made. Using this data along with BNPL advisors own transaction data, a score that indicates the probability of complete repayment is generated and passed to the BNPL provider. This system allows for various BNPL providers to communicate and update credit limit of a cardholder through the BNPL advisor. It also works in cross border lending and ensures that BNPL providers are protected against delinquency.

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Creative Commons License
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