When a home office user or enterprise branch office user complains that the "internet is not working," it could be due to a number of factors, such as router/modem issues, Internet Service Provider (ISP) downtime, network congestion, wired/wireless connection problems, Domain Name Server (DNS) issues, firewall block(s), security breach(es), power failures/surges, network configuration errors, and/or the like. Presented herein is a built-in display that can be provided for a network device (e.g., router, switch, etc.) that can be used to report data gathered by active network and digital service monitoring agents running on the device itself. Network connectivity and digital service (e.g., streaming service, etc.) status information, such as quality and stability information, can be provided via such a built-in display provided for a home or branch office network device; in both real-time and historically. Such a built-in display can, thus, provide network connectivity quality insights to assist non-technical users in learning about the status/health of their internet connectivity.

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Creative Commons License
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