Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF) sets and regions, as defined in Release 15 of Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards, provide for the hierarchical organization of AMFs in which an AMF can belong to a set, and different AMF sets can belong to an AMF region. When an AMF fails, a peer can then search for an AMF in the same set, and if that fails, can then search for an AMF in the same region. 3GPP Release 16 standards introduced the indirect communications that can involve a Service Communication Proxy (SCP). However, the hierarchical discovery of an AMF by an SCP is not fully described in standards. Thus, when AMF reselection is performed through an SCP, information indicating that reselection has occurred and which old AMF was hosting certain user equipment (UE) is not send to the new AMF, which can lead to race conditions. Presented herein are techniques to address such issues through the incorporation of additional information that can be appended to messaging provided to an SCP that can allow the SCP to perform AMF reselection and send the additional information to a newly selected AMF, which allows the new AMF to detect and resolve such race conditions.

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