Techniques are presented herein that support a universal rodent contamination cover plate for natural convection products. Aspects of the presented techniques encompass a top cover with integrated magnets that may be attached to the top of a piece of equipment (e.g., on-demand, within a poorly managed environment) thus not adding an extra cost to a base design or to a default field installation. Importantly, a solution according to aspects of the presented techniques is scalable to support all product sizes. Further aspects of the presented techniques will work with all flat surface ferrous metallic chassis (thus staying within the top surface footprint and not interfering with other mounting brackets). Additionally, if an enclosure’s top surface is non-metallic or plastic, an add-on adhesive ferrous metallic plate kit may be applied to the equipment surface so that the magnetic cover may be attached. Under still further aspects of the presented techniques, one cover plate stock keeping unit (SKU) may support many products if a chassis width is approximately the same given a certain limit range of depth.

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Creative Commons License
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