This document describes a technique for processing voice commands in a voice activated computing system. In particular, the system processes the voice commands and generates responses along with retargeted advertisements. The retargeted advertisements are provided to the user if the user has previously performed an action related to the advertisement, the merchant providing the advertisement, or an ad campaign associated with the merchant. The system can maintain one or more retargeting list that can include identities of users. If the user appears in one or more of the retargeting lists, that user can be presented with a retargeted promotional ad. In some instances the system can determine a sequence of actions based on one or more voice commands received from the user. If the user passed on a promotion during the execution of a sequence of events, the system could again provide the user with the promotion if the same sequence of actions is executed in the future. The system can also adapt a bidding process used to provide sponsored content to the users for retargeting. For example, the system can allow merchants to increase their bid for presenting a retargeted ad to the user, increasing the likelihood of the merchant winning the auction.

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Creative Commons License
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